Q: How can my child attend if they are in regular school?

A: Your child would be excused from their regular school day by you, the parent/guardian. This would need to be pre-arranged with the teacher and/or administrator of their school. It is up to your discretion whether this is something you would like your child to do. Our focus is to help support your child's learning and development that would complement their regular school experience.

Q: Won't my child fall behind in their school work if they are regularly absent?

A: It is important that we establish a positive and collaborative relationship with the school, teacher, child and you the parent/guardian in order to support the child’s learning fully. Our goal is to provide a learning environment that helps your child build skills and knowledge that will assist them in succeeding in their regular school day and all aspects of their life.

Q: What will my child be learning at your outdoor forest school?

A: Our goal is provide real experiential learning opportunities through nature immersion and mentorship that will enhance the children's focus, self-confidence, and collaboration skills while connecting to nature and our outdoor environment. This will be achieved through the exploration of their surrounding environment and following their passions and interests. There are various resources that guide our curriculum and learning goals which can be explored within our Resources page.

Q: As a program that operates entirely outdoors, what do you do when there is inclement weather?

A: It is important for us to educate our students on how to dress appropriately for all types of weather. However if we are faced with inclement weather, we will go into our school shelter, close the sides and if necessary, start a fire to keep us warm.

Q: Do you allow children to attend a couple of days per term instead of the entire term?

A: We believe it is important to create routine and to promote place-based learning which means regular exposure to the same environment. Participating in an entire term is recommended to provide your child with a true Forest School experience; however, we do understand the need to be flexible and will work with you to best meet your child's needs.

Q: What are your student-facilitator ratios?

A: During our school day programs we have a ratio of 5:1. Programs offered on PA days will have a ratio of 8:1.

Q: What are the costs of your programs?

A: Our daily rate is $65 plus HST for Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday programs. Our daily rate for PA Day programs is $50 plus HST. We offer various discounts outlined in the Registration Form for all of our programs and payment plan options are available.